How to Release Your Music for the Most Impact


Today I’m going to be giving you easy to follow instructions for the most efficient, guaranteed ways to release and promote your music for the most impact.


Now before you close out of this blog and go back to playing Pokémon Go, let me explain why.

It has a flash in the pan effect on your career.

Sure, releasing 12 songs at once will give you some quick notoriety but once the dust has settled from that initial release you won’t have anything to keep you on people’s minds. As humans we are always excited for new things. The second we get that new thing we want an even newer thing. I can’t tell you how many times I heard fans say “I can’t wait to hear something new” a month after my past bands had released full albums or EPs. It’s just in our nature to constantly desire new content.

Imagine how much hype your band would have if you were releasing new music ALL the time. If your fans always had something new to post or your friends always had a new song to get pumped on. Well if you want that kind of hype songs are too precious and expensive to not savor every single one you have as a band. So, here’s what to do instead.


Here’s where we get to the good stuff. I italicized release in “Stop Releasing Albums” above so you wouldn’t confuse that with stop MAKING albums. Every band should have stock piled songs ready to release anytime they feel the momentum is slowing down. Record an album or better yet an EP but release it one song at a time. This gives you new content every month to push and promote. This also gives your fans just enough time to digest that song rather than devouring a whole album and not having any songs left to feed their never ending hunger. Another benefit to this is that you can see which songs people like the most and have the ability to write more songs in the same vein. You can’t do that if you release them all at once.

Just because you’re only releasing one song, it can’t feel like just a song you’re “putting out there”. It needs to FEEL like an Album release. Here’s what to include for every release to have it hit people the hardest.

  • Music Video – This I can not stress enough videos are the greatest form of promotion right now.
  • Single Artwork – This can be taken as a screen capture from a cool shot in the video to keep everything cohesive (and easy)
  • On iTunes/Spotify – It has to be where people can consume it just like an album.
  • Social Network Design – All of your social networks need to be re-skinned to fit the colors and vibe of the single artwork.

Creative Promotion – Artsy Instagram Ads, Facebook Clips of the video, etc. Have fun with it and use the music and music video to your advantage. Use every little bit of those resources you can.

My friend Ian Baldwin and I tested out this exact release strategy on a band called “Hold Your Breath” so here are some examples of what we did for them.






It’s well thought out and makes this one song really special.

  • Music Video:
  • Single Artwork: Screenshot taken from 1:49 in video
  • Creative Promotion: Screenshot taken from 0:35 in video
  • Social Network Design: Facebook Cover Photo

The way we released this made it possible for the band to build hype without showing all of their cards on day one. This song and music video has over 11,000 views and is climbing every day. It’s in daily rotation on 88.7fm RadioU!


It is so important to not only manage your band’s shows, finances, merch, etc but to also manage your band’s Momentum.

Don’t slow down. Be unrelentingly releasing new music and if your music really is great you won’t have to worry about people not knowing who you are. You will be impossible to ignore.

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American guitarist, record producer, and owner of PLATINUM AUDIO, a recording studio based in Dayton, Ohio. He has toured the U.S. alongside bands such as Sleeping With Sirens, The Devil Wears Prada, and We Came As Romans as well as shared the stage with Green Day, Avenged Sevenfold, and Korn in Australia.

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