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“When Henry Ford made cheap, reliable cars people said, ‘What’s wrong with a horse?'” – Elon Musk


Welcome to Udiospace (Pronounced You-dee-oh Spays), the first website that is designed to bring together musicians and audio engineers in a way that’s efficient, fun, and profitable.

While we have seen great advances in business over the last 20 years, with many industries taking advantage of faster computers, the internet, and cloud computing, why is it that the music industry operates the same way that it did in the 80’s and 90’s? Think about how most of us in the recording world go about getting business: Word of mouth, mass messaging, and active networking. While all of these methods are technically effective, they are inefficient, annoying to our potential customers, and often rely on both parties being in the right place at exactly the right time.

The process for artists isn’t much better. First, they have to actually find a studio, which, if they’re using Google, is usually going to be the BIG studio in the area, alienating nearly every indie studio which could easily do comparable work at a fraction of the cost. Second, artists need to make sure that the selected studio has the equipment needed to make the style of recording they need, often including drum triggers, reamping equipment, appropriate amps, and more. Third, and most importantly, the artists have to hope that the engineers are able to take the raw tracks they’ve created and turn them into a product which matches the artists’ stylistic expectations, even if some details are at odds with the engineer’s personal sense of taste. Many of these problems can be avoided by investigating where bigger bands, who’s recordings they like, have recorded, however those studios are rarely conveniently placed nearby, which causes a host of other issues. Having 4-5 people take 20 days away from work and travelling 16 hours to make a record is hugely expensive, not to mention that most employers aren’t keen to letting their employees take off that much time.

Udiospace organizes this whole process by putting artists who are ready to work directly in the sight of capable engineers, who are stylistically appropriate, conveniently located, and actively competing for their business, while also providing awesome educational material for engineers and artists alike.

It’s time for us, the people who create the creative landscape the world lives in, to reimagine our industry, making it faster, more collaborative, and sustainable. Join us as we attempt to Make Music Better.

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3 comments on “Make Music Better!”

  1. Tony Oberer says:

    Stoked to start using Udiospace as soon as it launches!

    1. Ray Rasmusson says:

      Thanks Tony, you’re awesome. Make sure to connect with is via facebook and join our our mailing list at!

  2. James Miller says:

    The music industry is a cutthroat place. I don’t think that most musicians are really prepared for it when it hits them, which makes it easy to be taken advantage of.

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